Astronomy at the Mont-Chiran, Verdon

moon rise over Grand Mourre
moon rise over Grand Mourre

Former CNRS observatory (The atmosphere of Mont-Chiran is of a more and more rare quality),
it is now open to everyone who might be curious about things happening in the sky.
The refuge is also open to mountain hikers who need a rest during their route.

With the help of an astronomer take your time to stay a complete night
to observe the moon, the planets, the stars and the galaxies.

Characteristics of the telescope

observatory dome of mont-chiran
dome of mount Chiran observatory
  • Diameter=305 mm,
  • focal lenght=approximately 1,50 m,
  • Opening (report(relationship) f/d) = approximately equal to 5,

which make a telescope rather "open", and thus more specialized for the objects of the deep sky (nebulas, galaxies).

coupole de l'observatoire et grand mourre
observatory dome and Grand Mourre