Papermaking : an introduction

  • Workshop of 2 days 17th – 18th of July 2010
  • animated by Marlies Schulte
    in the studio of Font d'Aleine
    04330 Blieux - Alpes de Haute Provence
  • 10 am to 1 pm and 3 pm to 6 pm
  • de 4 - 8 participants
  • 150 € per person
  • accomodation at gite la chambrette
  • online subscription

During two days you will understand and practice the main stages of papermaking from rags. So bring your old bed sheets and torn clothes of all colours made of linen, cotton, ramie or viskose.

Cut into small pieces and grinded in the Dutch Machine they will serve you as papermash. Once learned to make equal sheets you will glue and polish them.

Finally you will be able to regenerate your creativity realising different sortes of sheets playing with light and shadow, inserting petals and herbs or embossing your sheets.

The workshop will take place within the activities of A.B.C.D.E. in Blieux.

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  • Fill in the subscription form
  • Send your deposit check to :
    Le village - 04330 BLIEUX

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  • shredding the sheets

  • scooping the sheets

  • Letting drop off

  • putting down the sheets on a felt

  • Drying the pressed sheets

  • glueing

  • polishing